Urban Farming

Sanjay Acharya

Sanjay is convinced that building a model for the sustainable growth of local, organic produce is a great way to reform the food system and give those in need access to quality produce.   

Matt Harris
Matt's hyper caffeinated ideas incarnate themselves into living structures. A real estate development pro by day and a farmer at heart.


Our mission is to educate & empower low-income inner city community members by making nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs more accessible. We will provide community education about nutrition & sustainable urban farming.


  • TBD: Reconfigure beds
  • Transplant seedlings
  • TBD: Build potato boxes



Let's make an impact. One seed at a time

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Alex is the founder of the farm along with Julia and Peter. Alex is also an Entrepreneur and owns C.O.R.E. Sports Management. Alex and his wife live in Anacostia. 

Peter Geoghan

Co-Founder is in charge of operations and education on the farm. Peter lives in Capitol Hill and works for national non-profit where he is an editor of their food security magazine.  

Get involved

There are many awesome ways to get involved with Victory Gardens DC: Internships, workshops volunteer days and much more. 


Our vision is to create “Victory Gardens”  in vacant lots, rooftops, schools and business sites in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area where we grow and offer free produce to low-income families. Think: center of activity where neighbors and volunteers can give back.

Co-Founder. Julia is a nurse by trade. Julia has been instrumental in organizing the farm the last couple years. She enjoys taking Lucia to the farm to work and have fun.


Kathryn Elliott
Kathryn works for The Word Among Us as an editor. She helps with whatever needs to be done at the garden. She is a great farm hand. 


We will host a multitude of programs including School Internships, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Workshops, and Youth Education. Additionally, we can design, install and help maintain a victory garden for you.